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The Challenge

According to Breakfast Research Institute, young adults have the greatest prevalence of skipping breakfast on any given day. How do you encourage someone to eat breakfast?

The Process

I started by researching people's behaviors around their daily dining habits through observations, in-person interviews and surveys. In parallel, I also investigated trends and motivations around food consumption.


Findings from early customer research

  • People dined at home twice a week at the most.
  • They preferred to cook if they had the time.
  • Watching TV was a common during dinner.
  • Many meals were had at a work desk or in front of a big monitor.

Factors influencing breakfast consumption

  • Time considerations
  • Ease of preparation
  • Advertising/packaging
  • Appeal
  • Convenience
  • Availability and easy access

A few principles to encourage eating 

  • Make it appetizing
  • Make it easily accessible
  • Encourage health benefits
  • Make it convenient

The Product

Ready to eat parfait packs by YO2GO.

  • YO2GO keeps all 3 food items in separate containers thus retaining its taste & texture.
  • It makes it convenient for you to eat breakfast.
  • Separate containers provide option to mix your own.
  • YO2GO encourages after use of the container.
  • It sells refill packs which can help you make your own combinations.
  • Separate containers provide ease of preparation. You can make your breakfast the night before.
  • Appeal of the packaging encourages you to buy and eat breakfast.