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The Challenge

An average woman owns 20 pairs of shoes but only regularly wears 5 of them. How do you create an emotional connection between a woman and her shoe to make it into her top 5?

The Response

Aesthetic of a ballroom dance shoe, comfort of a casual street shoe | A woman will consider the shoe to be her favorite if it looks good and feels comfortable. Heeled shoes and comfortable shoes are never considered the same category. Then what makes that ballroom dancer comfortably glide on the dance floor in her tall shoes? Apart from the graceful dancer herself, the shoes help enhance the performance. They are designed to adhere to the feet without being restrictive to movements.

Dance shoes were dissected to understand the characteristics and attributes of what makes them comfortable and yet so graceful. 

The supports of the dance shoe are an important aspect of comfort. 

Various forms with inspiration from cross-industry were explored.

The marriage of two opposite styles, gave rise to a hybrid that promises comfort with style.