MoMe Toothbrush

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The Challenge

Kids are taught how to brush their teeth by their parents. There are a lot of toothbrushes out there for kids. How can design help create a product that emotionally connects with kids to make brushing teeth fun and ease the struggle of learning for both the parents and the kids?


The Response

Envisioning a shared experience | To make the daily ritual, one that kids would look forward to, the first thing I did was to explore kids natural behavior. I soon realized that it isn’t just the product I need to focus on but focus on the relationship between parents and their kids. Kids are more interested in emulating their parents and want what the parents have than their own. That meant instead of designing a toothbrush just for kids, it was important to design a system where both the parent and the kid could bond.

As a result, the design exploration was around creating a set of toothbrushes for both a parent and child, which looked similar. This would help the parents to teach kids in a better way and the kids would feel like they have something similar to what the parents have.

 For form exploration, the brushes needed to be a little stubby for the kids hold so I looked for inspiration in animals that are one the most fascinating subjects for kids and have organic forms that can create a better hold.  

Designing a playful yet ergonomic product | Taking the forms of the animals as a starting point, I explored many different aspects of the design translating their characteristic features into functional design elements of the toothbrush.