Whirlpool Bubble

Bubble Header

The Challenge

Whirlpool came to Art Center to develop competitive visions for Whirlpool that will inspire the various cultures within the company. For the development of the vision, Whirlpool specified that proposals should be centered on forecasting consumer experiences (products and services) for North American Market in 2022

The Response

The project started with first asking questions like what will clean mean in 2022 or where will the laundry be done or how will our relationship to clothing change etc. Trend forecasts and research in other industries helped imagine a futuristic view of 2022. From the takeaways, the solution was based on the hypothesis that if our living spaces are going to change drastically then this change will affect everything that fits in this space and the way it needs to be built.

Whirlpool Bubble sits on the outside facade like a wall AC unit. It is eco-friendly in function, it uses solar energy to heat water. It connects you with nature. Form translates into purity of an air bubble, weightlessness and transparency.