Beyond Headgear

(This project is confidential, thus the work below only shows the process without the brandname)

Apparel Header

The Challenge

How can a brand lead and differentiate themselves through innovation and deliver a pipeline of ideas across all categories that creates a "what's next" anticipation with the consumer?

The Response

Connect emotionally with the consumer | To succeed, every brand needs to understand the consumer, their needs, pain points and what makes them happy. Each consumer type of the client was observed in depth to differentiate the needs and opportunities from one consumer to the other so as to better customize each product development to their consumer.

Consumer type

Catering to their consumer meant not only understanding what they need but searching for what they might crave for. This led to an in depth research of trends and cultural inspiration. From all the learning, product development recommendations ranged from immediate solutions to more far out solutions that could attract a new type of consumer.

Product pipeline for each consumer type was recommended in four phases of implementation along with material recommendation and integration.